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Promises made, promises to be kept

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The Clergy Funds of the Archdiocese of Boston is in the business of keeping promises. Through your generosity, we are able to keep the promises our Catholic community has made to all the incardinated priests of this archdiocese. The promise to make sure that our active and senior priests' medical needs are taken care of; that dental benefits are provided for; that a reasonable stipend is available for our senior priests and those with disabilities; and the promise to maintain and support our residence for senior priests, Regina Cleri.

Each year the Clergy Funds spends $15 million to support our priests. This is accomplished in a fiscally responsible way. After several years of operating deficits, the Clergy Funds now operates on a balanced budget. This is one of the great financial turnarounds in Cardinal Seán's tenure at the archdiocese, but only because generous Catholics like you have contributed to the Clergy Funds.

One of the most important efforts each year to sustain the Clergy Funds is the collection taken up at all parishes in the archdiocese on Christmas. Christmas has always been a time of gift giving to priests and our priests decided in the early 1970s that the collections from all parishes should be pooled to care for each priest equally regardless of whether he is in the most affluent or the poorest area of our archdiocese.

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