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Spring ahead

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I really don't like this twice-a-year game we play with the clock, especially since we can't seem to settle on what the proper date to play it is. (Didn't we used to do this is April and October?) Of course, we can always blame Ben Franklin. In his time, though, life had a completely different rhythm. It's not like anyone could have flipped the lights on or off.

Evidently the notion that daylight savings was designed to help farmers is a myth: most farmers oppose it. The real purpose it was implemented was to conserve coal during World War II. Energy savings is still the reason we change the clocks. During daylight savings now, there are some reports that we use 0.5 percent less electricity than we do during standard time. Frankly, I'm not sure that's worth the aggravation the whole thing engenders. If I'm going to feel jet lagged, at least I want it to be because I travelled somewhere!

It's amazing how much a one hour time change can affect you. Move the hand on the clock just one notch in either direction, and the whole day (or two or three) afterward feels qualitatively different. Our first alarm is set for 6:00 a.m. The second goes off at 6:15; the third had better not go off. But when we lose that hour of sleep at daylight savings, the probability that I am going to leave my pillow behind at the first -- or even second -- alarm, is less than or equal to zero.

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