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The Feinstein Challenge

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Whenever I meet someone for the first time and the conversation moves to sharing more about the work of Catholic Charities, I find that people are genuinely surprised to learn the extent of requests for basic needs services in our communities. Despite promising job growth numbers and reported decreases in unemployment, requests for food continue their steady increase as do requests for rental, heat and utility assistance.

Our capacity to meet the increased need for food assistance has been greatly increased thanks to new funding targeted towards improving our operational capacity to distribute food. In December Catholic Charities received a generous grant from Jane's Trust to support our food pantries. The grant provided funds to purchase a truck that has allowed us to pick up and deliver even more food to our food pantries. Our largest food pantries are now distributing 15,000 pounds of food per week, up by 3,000 pounds per week. We have also been able distribute healthier foods, including the fresh produce that, in these difficult economic times, so many cannot afford on their own.

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