• Pope thanks people for prayers for his family after deadly crash

    VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Pope Francis, in mourning for the deaths of his nephew's wife and two small children, thanked people at his weekly general audience Aug. 20 for their prayers. After each of the priests who translate the pope's words offered him ...

  • Can prayers clinch heaven? Priest at non-Catholic wedding

    Q. I was given a prayer folder that tells me that I will suffer no purgatory and be taken directly to heaven when I die, provided that I say these prayers daily for 12 years. (Missed days can be made up.) I am about ready to start the third year, but ...

  • Why I Love My Invisible Friend

    One of the favorite taunts of the New Atheists is that religious people believe in an "invisible friend." They are implying, of course, that religion is little more than a pathetic exercise in wishful thinking, a reversion to childish patterns of projection ...

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